Struggles’ a blessing

As everyone else, we all have struggles in life that shape our character.  I feel if you have a struggle-free life, well that’s your problem right there.

This is my beginning of a good start. Hello.

I’m 26 and lord knows I’m struggling.  I want to put all my first world complaints aside and thank god for what I have, of course.

I’m struggling with finding the meaning of my self.  I feel if I were living in another country  I wouldn’t feel  this way.  At it’s worse, I want to save my self from my own self….Talk about living in  a self-absorbed life.

Anyways, my purpose of my blog is to better get to know me. I want to share my journey with others so others can share with me. So this is all to say, I want to learn of other people’s struggles (beside my friends). I feel this is a good way to grow. I feel that in the quarter stage of my life, I’ve hit a buoy in the middle of the ocean but I lost my compass.

The more I struggle, the more I grow. To struggle doesn’t only have to be external only, but my struggles are definitely internal and mental. Coming from a Ethiopian cultural background and living in america, there is totally a huge culture clash issue that I have to deal with. Even if I know only of the “American” culture, since I was born here, my parents happen to be a big influence. This is also hard to say, since I don’t believe they understand me. The fact that I can’t thoroughly communicate my first world issues to them, leaves me empty. I can always just get up and talk to them, but “parents just don’t understand”, sadly. download I know that I old enough to handle things on my own, its just that It has ALWAYS been this way, my whole life. It was especially difficult when I was a teenager, considering my very strict father’s parenting. I don’t mean to make this a self-pity rant…But, nonetheless it is MY blog, after all.


4 thoughts on “Struggles’ a blessing

  1. Hi Kmulat87,

    Thank you for following my blog. I was checking out yours and found your first post kind of interesting or shall I say a bit intriguing. You have raised a profound question.

    After reading the title (Struggle’s a blessing) I expected to learn in what ways a struggle is a blessing. Or how you were blessed by and through struggles. I am afraid I did not find what I was looking for. Or am I asking for too much right from the beginning? Whatever the case might be, I would like to assure you that you will have me as one of your sincere readers and followers.

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